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Making forms easier to fill in

Effortmark is Caroline Jarrett's usability consultancy.

I specialise in making forms easy to use.

I will investigate your forms, how your customers fill them in and what you do with them.

Then I will help you to design forms that are easy to fill in and easy to process.

Making web sites easier to use

Because so many forms are part of a web site, or linked with one, I also work on making web sites easier to use.

I'll choose from quantitative and qualitative market research techniques, including usability testing, to find out how your customers react to your website and what to do to make it easy for them.

Get better responses to questionnaires

My techniques for making forms easier to fill in also work well on questionnaires. I'll advise on layout, design of questions, and how to build the questionnaire into an overall survey including sampling, pilot and analysis.

Training in usability

If you're looking for training in usability, I offer courses in:

·         form design,

·         do-it-yourself usability testing,

·         interviewing skills for usability testing and

·         editing for the web.

I'm also a founder member of the international usability training consortium Usability that works.

Further Information

Effortmark Limited is a usability consultancy based in the United Kingdom. Contact us.

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